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Careers in Management

Types of Management Roles:
  • Human Resource Services
  • Management Teams of each Educational Services Department

Internationally Trained Professionals

We welcome internationally trained professionals to apply to the DSBN! However, before you apply, your credentials must be evaluated and verified. We encourage all internationally-trained professionals to evaluate their credentials using any of the following service providers:

Interview and Application Tips

  • Before the Interview:
  • Review the job posting and your professional experiences/resume. Think of ways your experience relates to the position, and be prepared to speak to specific examples from your past and current employment, education, or volunteer experiences that demonstrate your skills, qualification, experience and personal growth. We want to learn why you are the best fit for this job
  • Review the DSBN website, the Workforce Census, and the Employment Systems Review to better understand DSBN's core values, mission, and goals
  • Review the Ontario Ministry of Education's website and any other resources related to the position
  • Practice your interview skills and prepare in advance. This will help you feel more confident during your interview
  • Meet us on time! Review the date, time, location and address (if applicable) of your interview
  • If the interview is conducted virtually, test your technology beforehand to ensure that it works properly
  • Prepare questions to ask the Hiring Committee at the end of the interview. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the role and the DSBN, and we are open to answering your questions
  • During the Interview:
  • For an in-person interview, arrive 10-15 minutes early
    • If your interview is virtual:
    • Prepare like you would for an in-person interview and minimize distractions in your surroundings
    • You will use software such as Microsoft Teams. You will know which software to use before your interview
    • You will need a device with a microphone, webcam, and a reliable internet connection
  • The interview will be facilitated by at least two hiring committee members, and consist of a series of questions based on skills and requirements of the position. Interviews may occasionally include a skills-based assessment.
  • In some cases, you may have more than one interview as part of the recruitment process
  • After the Interview:
  • Successful candidates will be notified by the Human Resource Services within one to two weeks following the interview:
  • If you are not successful, you may ask for general feedback on how you can improve next time. And you are welcome to reapply in the future
  • Offers of employment are contingent upon receipt of a valid Vulnerable Sector Police Check within the last 6 months. If requested, make sure to order yours right away as there may be delays

Who to Contact

We're available to answer your questions about the hiring process at the DSBN.

For information on accomodations during an interview, email

Question about the Hiring Process? Email our HR staff!

Questions about ApplyToEducation? Please contact them directly!